About Grafos Verlag GmbH

Although the company Grafos Verlag GmbH exists only since 2006 , the background ranges back to the year 1973. At that time the Grafos Verlag AG was founded in Vaduz as a publisher and distributor of original artwork. As an interface between artist and art collector Grafos Verlag AG - thanks to their personal contacts with artists - commissioned many exclusive editions and interesting prints,  usually selected directly in the artist's studio.
This highly productive collaboration lasted for over 30 years, and what makes us most proud of is that many of these prints are especially valued works today .

Guillermo Herlt , now CEO of Grafos Verlag GmbH, since 1996 worked for the Grafos Verlag AG , most recently as
Deputy Managing Director. In 2006, he performs a "management buyout" and moves to Germany in 2007. Because of the high share of Spanish art Grafos Verlag GmbH has a second warehouse in Spain .

Grafos Verlag GmbH offers only original prints with the following outstanding features:
- impeccable provenance, directly from the editor (Grafos Verlag AG, Erker-Presse, Maeght, Lelong, etc.)
- works in original condition, never framed and perfectly preserved, thanks to air-conditioned and dry storage, in metal cabinets.
The prints are therefore as new as an up to fifty year old print can be.

Grafos Verlag GmbH is mainly active as a publisher and wholesaler in the art market and offers an attractive portfolio at attractive conditions, also for galleries.